Foodie Friday

23 Nov

My friend Sarah sent me a recipe several years ago for a cheesy stuffed pumpkin that she described as the best thing she had ever made. You mixed Gruyere, scallions, chives, day old bread, heavy cream, loads of garlic, and spices into a 3-5 pound pumpkin and then bake for several hours.

And she was right; it was the best thing I had ever made until I found this variation on Homesick Texan’s blog that included bacon and best of all- chipotle peppers.  Not only is this one of the easiest recipes ever, it is absolutely perfect as a side for any Holiday meal.

This is becoming a staple at my family’s Thanksgiving meals and is so good, I can’t believe I am saying this, that it has even replaced the Southern staple of macaroni and cheese at our table.  It is highly adaptable for the picky eaters in your family as long as you keep the bread, cheese and cream in place (next time I’m trying it with poblano peppers as well) and a great way to add something seasonal and pretty to the spread.

So to you and yours – happy holidays and try this pumpkin!!

Where does your wanderlust take you?

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