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Museum of Medieval Torture

13 Dec

I don’t know what I was thinking going here, I really don’t.  I mean, I can barely see the news or most new movies now without getting that panicky ill feeling in my gut and I just can’t watch.  Yet, there I stood.

iphone pics incl. paris and prague 812Today I did not have anything really planned because it is the coldest day of my trip in Prague (low of 18 degrees) so I was taking a leisurely stroll across the Charles Bridge right before dusk.

I got to the other side and noticed the Medieval Torture Museum was right there.  I must have thought it would be cheesy, I actually was hoping for some really ridiculous dioramas that talked or something but it was ONLY instruments of torture with old illustrations of the devices in action.

iphone pics incl. paris and prague 832iphone pics incl. paris and prague 842

iphone pics incl. paris and prague 834

It’s a pretty lousy museum for many reasons but for the price of 150 ck (around $7.75), you too can be truly horrified at how terrible human nature is.

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